Wisconsin Legislature May Pass Union Crackdown Bill Tonight

Wisconsin Republican legislators are working to pass the most contentious portions of Governor Scott Walker's "budget repair bill" by first removing the fiscal portions of the legislation in a conference committee this evening, sources told FOX Business.

Sources explained that Wisconsin requires a three-fifth quorum -- or 20 senators -- to proceed to votes on bills that are fiscal in nature, such as those that impose taxes or appropriate funds. There are currently 19 Republicans in the Senate, one short of the total needed for such a vote.

The sources told FOX Business the two houses will conduct a conference committee beginning this evening at 7 p.m. EST in the Senate Parlor to remove non-fiscal portions of the bill.

Doing so leaves the governor's most controversial provisions intact: the limiting of certain collective bargaining rights for the state's public employees.

From the conference committee would emerge legislation that's “unamendable,” according to a Senate source, and that Senators can vote on -- with or without the presence of Democratic colleagues.

According to an Assembly source, Republicans hope for a Senate vote on the conference version as early as tonight, with an Assembly vote following tomorrow.