Why Wilbur Ross Says Trump’s Economic Pitch Was 'Terrific'

On Monday, the Republican Nominee Donald Trump unveiled his economic plan to the Detroit Economic Club. W.L. Ross Chairman and CEO Wilbur Ross thought Trump’s speech was “terrific” and handled the demonstrators that protested against Trump during his speech, quite well.

“He looked presidential and I think this is the real Donald Trump coming out,” Ross said to the FOX Business Network’s Lou Dobbs.

Ross believes that Trump’s speech wasn’t written to please Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

“Well I think it’s a logic offering. I don’t think he’s doing it just to make peace with Paul Ryan though, that is a worthy idea. I think he did it because he believes in it,” he said.

Ross also said that Trump is right in saying that the U.S. needs balanced trade and that free trade is never free.

“Free trade is like free lunch, there is no free lunch. Somebody wins and somebody loses and unfortunately we’ve been losing with these stupid agreements that we’ve made,” Ross said.