Why Wayne Newton Is Singing Donald Trump's Praises

With the third and final presidential debate of the 2016 election season taking place in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Donald Trump is getting the support of Mr. Las Vegas himself—Wayne Newton.

The legendary entertainer—most widely known for his signature song “Danke Schoen”—joined the FOX Business Network and explained why he is supporting the GOP presidential nominee.

“I really don’t know of a person that loves America and Americans as much as this man does,” Newton said, adding that the two have been friends for about 30 years. “I have seen him in practically every kind of situation imaginable and I’ve never seen any of the stuff that they’re blaming him about now. He is an incredible businessman, he’s an incredible negotiator, he’s an incredible, caring human being. And if we ever needed those qualities in the White House, it’s now," he said.

Newton also commented on the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump by multiple women.

“Anybody in the public eye, and I’ve been subject to that a little bit myself being in the public eye, there are going to be those people—and I’m not discrediting what they say or saying that they’re lying or anything like that—but I do know that those of us in the public eye are kind of sitting ducks for people who want to take advantage or maybe get 10 minutes of fame," Newton said.

The music icon also discussed the issues most important to him as the candidates head into the final debate and Election Day nears.

“The issues about America have to take precedence tonight. And that is our military, the taxes, the Supreme Court, the housing, the jobs—America. We have to get back to what’s important and that’s the American people. And the sooner that our candidates can do that, I believe that we will see a mark difference in the outcome of this election," he said.