Why Trump is Wrong on Cruz, Kasich's Collusion Deal

The American electorate knows Donald Trump best, perhaps not for his business acumen or his lack of experience in Washington, but for his ability to fire back at his competition when things get heated.

A new poll from George Washington University shows the Republican frontrunner closing the gap between him and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the odds-on favorite for the Democratic party nomination. The poll shows just three percentage points separating the two contenders.

Gary Kaltbaum of Kaltbaum Capital Management, said on the FOX Business Network’s Cavuto Coast to Coast, that essentially, the closing of the gap comes during a time when Trump continues his raucous strategy of saying what he thinks, no holds barred.

“It seems like anything he says, anything he does, his numbers go up and it kinda sorta doesn’t matter whatever comes off the top of his mind, he says it,” Kaltbaum said.

On Monday, GOP contenders Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich announced a strategy to defeat Trump – with each candidate focusing on particular states where they lead – ahead of the party’s convention in a renewed push to prevent the frontrunner from securing the necessary delegates to clinch the nomination.

But Kaltbaum said it likely won’t work.

“They’re making his point, whether it’s right or wrong. Whether it’s legal or illegal. He’s been railing for the last few weeks about how the election’s being run, that each vote doesn’t count. Now you have two people doing the pro wrestling tag team to go after him,” he said.

He continued by calling the move an act of desperation.

“We’re getting down to the wire. There’s a big one tomorrow. It looks like the poll numbers are way in Donald Trump’s favor and they have no choice, they have to do something different and they came up with this. I don’t think it matters one bit right now,” he said.