Why 'Raging Capitalist' Scott McNealy is Excited About Trump

One Silicon Valley entrepreneur is optimistic about having a businessman-turned-politician in the White House.

Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, said he hopes President Trump will bring economic prosperity back to America.

“I believe we have an opportunity—somebody who understands cost of capital, who understands development… I’ve never seen anybody who actually is a developer and an entrepreneur in charge and understanding what really projects capability in our country,” McNealy told Stuart Varney during an interview on FOX Business.

McNealy, who self-identifies as a "raging capitalist," believes capitalism helps lift people out of poverty and improves the standard of living.

While many in Silicon Valley don’t share his opinion of President Trump, McNealy said he isn’t alone in his support. Growing up in the Rust Belt, he explained why he thinks there is room for robust economic growth, especially in the Detroit.

“Having grown up in Detroit and seeing what's happened, I think there’s a big opportunity to not only drive the technology and the software piece, but also drive the hardware and manufacturing and services piece back into our economy.”