Why donations to the Clinton Foundation fell: Kennedy

Donations to the Clinton Foundation took a 58 percent nosedive when Hillary lost her lay-up election, causing her to sit in a bubbling puddle of self pity asking "wha happened?!"

I'll tell you what happened, this pay-to-play favor factory had no more juice so the money dried up. In 2016, when HRC was on the brink of certain, nearly unchecked, power the sham scam took in an earth shattering 62 million dollars. In 2017 they brought in a measly 26 million. That's gonna leave a mark!

Why would billionaires and corrupt monarchs funnel so much dough unless there were guaranteed favors baked into the gifts? The short answer: they wouldn't, and once it became clear Billary had no more power to offer, they didn't.

The Clintons have always maintained their foundation was an above board, bastion of goodness and a saintly shop where lives were changed by the blessed trinity of shady saviors. When the badness of their campaign became apparent, why would the stinky fiefdoms of Qatar and Oman waste their dozens of millions on a self pitying harpie who was now useful as teats on a bull?

The Justice Department is smelling a whole lotta bull as the true nature of this game is made plain, and now they're investigating illegal policy moves by the former Secretary of State to see if she was pinching whale butts at foggy bottom.

You'd think Hillary would have more opportunity to do good with all this free time on her hands!

If the charity were really that altruistic and effective, and with three essentially unemployed executives ready to roll up their sleeves, wouldn't these giving givers toss more checks to such a valliant bunch?

It is never ok for politicians to abuse their power for self enrichment, and even for has-beens and also-rans there has to be some brand of justice so present and future presidents don't get lured into taking crafty, well disguised bribes pretending it's "charity".