Who You Might Vote For Based On Your Credit Score

By PoliticsFOXBusiness

At first thought, one might assume Hillary Clinton's supporters would be drastically different from Donald Trump's. But according to a new survey from Credit Sesame, the groups have more in common than meets the eye.

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Credit Sesame found that Clinton's and Trump's supporters had similar credit profiles including credit scores, income, credit card balances and mortgages.

When it comes to credit scores, supporters of the former Secretary of State and billionaire businessman are nearly tied at 658 and 660 respectively.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s supporters have the highest median score of any candidate, ringing in at 693. Bernie Sanders' supporters boast the highest credit scores on the Democratic side.

The lowest credit scores belong to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz supporters with a median score of 653.

But similar to the the man they support, Trump fans have almost twice the bankruptcy rate as Cruz and Rubio supporters. Trump has filed four bankruptcies, all surrounding his casinos.