White House leaks: Government is liable to impanel grand jury, ex-staffer says

Former Bush 41 and Reagan White House Staffer Robert Charles said the media isn’t solely responsible for White House leaks.

“I think the media has to remember that they are also American and they need to have a degree of responsibility in this process. I really hold first accountable the government officials,” Charles told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney.

In his opinion, a grand jury should be impaneled for White House leaks.

“This has more to do with the fact that there’s a breach of law and responsibility by government officials than by the media, although the media needs to be responsible in the context of the First Amendment,” he said.

Charles, who is also a former Navy intelligence officer said leaked calls between President Trump and world leaders are a direct threat to national security.

“There’s no reason these transcripts should have been out there. They compromise the ability of the president and frankly the confidence of foreign leaders in the United States. It looks like we are dysfunctional and we shouldn’t be and technically and historically aren’t,” he said.