Where are the answers to the Vegas massacre?: Kennedy

It is hard to believe that horrific Vegas massacre was one year ago tonight, and as the glittering strip prepares to go dark in about 5 hours we still have no idea how one miserable, ugly, disgusting psychopath killed 58 innocent people while wounding 800 more.

The only thing survivors and family members of those lost souls want to know is why? That's it. What drives an ordinary, homely, hell bound guy to craft a perch above a valley of revelry and open fire on unsuspecting, unprotected music fans who are now being legally hassled by MGM resorts.

There are plenty of theories: he was a disgruntled gambler who had lost a million and a half desperate dollars over 2 years and wanted to exact revenge on the villains who plundered his savings. Maybe he was tired of living in his bank robber father's filthy shadow and wanted to bite off his own piece of infamy.

Whatever the case, the unresolved and nagging holes in the case retraumatize survivors and families especially on a night like tonight that they've been dreading for 364 days.

The government can't always keep you safe, but you would hope they'd do a better job with transparency and release the motherlovin' FBI report! Yes, I'm looking at you, ramblin' Rod Rosenstein! For the sake of decency just show your hand so if not closure, those who deserve it might have something close to an explanation.