What Women (Should) Want

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You've heard us talking on Varney & Co. lately about the "Romney Momentum" in the polls, especially the big swing in support among women voters. A few of you have even emailed us to ask what exactly we think Mr. Romney said to cause this dramatic shift in the numbers among females. But I don't think it was anything the governor said.

I believe American women are finally realizing that the Republican Party is not the bogeyman. The Obama camp desperately wants us to believe that if you vote for Romney, he is going to pass mysterious legislation to "control" our bodies. Mr. Romney has said himself that nowhere in his platform exists anti-abortion legislation. Even after that, the Obama campaign came out today to say, "Women simply can't trust him." Why can't women trust Romney? Is there something I am missing?

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To me, this election is about saving our economy from the point of no return. The hollow threat of anti-abortion legislation is a thinly-veiled ploy to demonize the Republicans yet again and to distract from President Obama's lack of real solutions. Do not be fooled. I am so proud that women are finally starting to see through this manufactured "war on women" and I truly hope that it lasts.

To buy into the hype is to take a giant step backward. If people like Sandra Fluke would just look at reality - the real issues, the real platforms - they would realize that no one is trying to take away women's rights. This is not a gender war. There is no need for a crusade.

As for the women of my generation: free birth control is not your God-given right. It is a bribe to buy your vote in November. Stop falling for it. I know so many young women who can only give one reason they are voting for Obama, and it is the promise of free birth control. The sad part is that it isn't even free. Someone else is paying for it through hard-earned tax dollars. Vote for the man who actually believes in the American Dream and what it takes to make this nation great again. Not the one clearly trying to buy your vote.