What Gov’t Spending Could Mean for Your Retirement

Blue Piggy bank

Here's a great way to address entitlement spending: keep folks working, and working ... and working.

Thereby delaying and delaying their ever tapping things like Medicare or Social Security. (Or at least not tap 'em as much.)

The White House is pushing the idea of keeping folks in the workforce, so as not to push the deficits to the brink. That's actually their strategy: keep 'em going, so we can keep the spending going.

It's obvious as hell. You don't have to be Wernher von Braun to see what they're engineering: a sure-fire-rocket to escape the day of fiscal reckoning.

After all, people working longer means they keep paying taxes longer, and tapping pricey entitlement programs less.

It's a win-win, right? Wrong.

Because is it just me, or is this administration really clever at coming up with neat ways to "get" money, but is not nearly so imaginative when it comes to fathoming "any" way to "save" money?

My friends, let me be very clear:

The issue here isn't the money we're taking in, it's all the spending we're racking up. But that's never addressed. The money coming "in" is.

So keep hiking taxes on the rich. Just don't make it so obvious, that other folks realize you're also gunning for them with higher Medicare taxes to keep the health-care law going, higher investment taxes to keep the treasury coffers filling and higher gas taxes to keep the slush funds gurgling.

Keep the focus on the money coming in, and ignore all the money going out.

It's amazing to me that the closest we can get to fiscal prudence is to prudently conclude maybe if we keep geezers going on the job, we'll put off the financial Armageddon for us.

Not so. Not happening.

Because there's only so much you can put off before nervous investors start wondering what's going on.... and want out. That's when it will get crazy, and scary.

Only the president doesn't realize it.

He's not only out of money.

He's out of time.