We're Moving

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It’s true. Your beloved Varney & Co. is moving from its current time slot. Starting on February 24th, we will be coming at you from 11am to 1 pm.

We know what you’re probably thinking. “How can they do this to me?” And I know you, like we, are creatures of habit. After all, 11am ET is so… different. It’s so… late morning. It’ll be tough to adjust, we know. (But we are looking forward to an extra hour or so of sleep.)

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Here are three other reasons why this is going to be great for you and us:

1. You’ve done it before. Remember when we aired during the 1pm ET hour on Fox Business, way before the days of Varney & Co.? You watched us then, giving us the opportunity to create the show you now know and love. It only stands to reason that you love Stu & the Gang enough to follow us to 11.

2. We’re now a full two hours. That’s right. A bonus 20 more minutes of Varney & Co. At no additional cost to you.

3. No more mad rush. Ok, I admit it was fun covering the opening of the market. But we’re still going to bring you the big corporate, economic, and stock stories of the day. And we’re still going to cover them how you expect us to: with clarity, sharpness, and absolutely no jargon.

We’ve got so much more in store for you in our new time slot. More big names to go with the familiar faces who cover the big stories affecting your money. We’re also building in more viewer interaction as well. You just have to tune in to see what we have planned.

This is an exciting time at Fox Business and at Varney & Co. You’ve made us the top-rated show on the network, which is why we’re confident we can keep it up when we move to our new time slot. Keep watching from 9:20-11 for these next two weeks.

Then we’ll see you at 11am ET on February 24th.

Justin Mannato is the Varney & Co. Senior Producer