Was Donald Trump Jr. set up?

Former Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert Ray joined FOX Business to discuss the fallout from the controversy surrounding Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer during his father’s presidential campaign.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley on Tuesday raised questions on how the Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. was actually able to enter the United States. Although he would not go as far to say the meeting was a set up by rivals of Trump, new reports suggest the lawyer was permitted to enter the country with an expired visa under the Obama Administration. However, Ray wondered why the meeting wasn’t looked into more in the first place.

“You get exhausted trying to think of conspiracy theories about what may or may not have happened and why this was the way it was… Obviously Donald Trump Jr.’s own acknowledgment to do it over again, you would have thought there would have been more vetting about whether to take this meeting and I think they all concluded that it was taken, the proof was in the pudding,” he said.

He then compared the difference between Washington and people in business. In his opinion, people in Washington are more cautious when it comes to taking meetings.

“People in business—the cardinal sin is don’t waste my time and that’s why Jared Kushner presumably left after a few minutes once he figured she didn’t have anything,” he said. “In Washington you’re careful who you take meeting with because if you take meetings from the wrong people, you get yourself into a lot of trouble and optics are important.”