Warren, Hillary Clinton hurting Democrats: Varney

What a contrast: Hillary Clinton. Elizabeth Warren. They keep making headlines. They won't go away, and they seem to be hurting their fellow Democrats.

And then there's President Trump. He's everywhere. He makes three headlines a day. But he seems to be helping the Republicans.

Who wouldda thought!

Could it be America is getting used to our larger-than-life president? Could it be America is tired of former candidate Clinton and probable future candidate Warren?

Sure looks like it. I never expected to read these two headlines in the New York Times, but there they are today: "Hillary Clinton’s master class in distraction."  It’s been two weeks since Clinton said you can't be civil with Republicans, and that statement keeps popping back up.

And look at this, again in the Times: "Elizabeth Warren and the folly of genetic ancestry tests.” It’s been a week since her DNA was splashed all over the media. It won't go away. And it’s not helping her, or the Democrats.

What a contrast with President Trump. Right from the moment he came down the golden escalator to declare his candidacy, he's been provocative, outspoken, insulting and oh so different from anything we've ever seen in politics. And recently, he's picked up the pace. As the midterms approach he's been all over the place. Dramatic news conferences. Huge, raucous rallies. He never misses an opportunity to make a headline.

Like Clinton and Warren, he won't go away, but unlike Clinton and Warren, he's helping his party.

I think America is getting used to him. It drives the Trump-haters crazy, but the trend is clear: the Republicans under Trump are gaining ground. The Democrats, distracted by Clinton and Warren, are losing ground.

Eighteen days to the vote!