Wanted: An American President

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I am not a birther.

I am not a conspiracy theorist.

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But after seeing President Obama's response to the murder of our Ambassador to Libya yesterday, I am truly doubting whether this man is an American at heart.

If you look at the statement closely, you see that even as the bodies of our American heroes are not yet buried he still devoted a considerable part of his speech to condemning the "movie" that supposedly incited these attacks.

Of course, we have no idea what "caused" these killings yet. FOX News' Ed Henry even reports that they may have been planned months ago to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary.

But President Obama still felt it was very important to at least indirectly criticize someone who posted a YouTube video in the same breath as his condemnation for brutal and barbaric murderers. In fact, the State Department ONLY saw fit to condemn the film in its responses to the attacks on our embassy in Egypt earlier this week.

This is not the American way.

If it were just this one misstep, I'd forget it. But it comes during a summer where this president has also denigrated entrepreneurs, (yes, they DID "build that"), and sought fit to lecture the American people about our supposed greed and lack of charity in his DNC acceptance speech.

These are all the actions of a person who has clearly not bought into our American beliefs in capitalism and free speech. These are the words of a person who is clearly ignorant of the extreme tolerance and charitable actions of Americans in every religion and at every income level.

These are words that remind me of the young professors and grad students I encountered when I was a young student at Columbia University. Their "blame America first" mentality permeated everything they did. In fact, one Ivy League professor has now publicly called for the imprisonment of the person who made the supposedly offending film.

20 years ago, that kind of talk was thankfully rejected by most of us on campus.

But I fear their feckless beliefs have now taken hold in the mindset of many of our elites and across the mainstream media.

We are doubting ourselves as a nation and forgetting to push each other to compete while still caring for those who truly cannot help themselves.

For months on Varney and Company, we've openly questioned this president's economic morality. Is it moral to tax away more than 50% of anyone's income? Is it moral to devalue hard work? Is it right to strip away the livelihoods of millions based on questionably alarmist environmental theories?

But now we must question his political morality as well. To soil the names of our honored dead with even one word of condemnation for a harmless film is beyond the pale.

Americans can be anyone, born in this country or not. Religious or not. Rich or not. But to be a real American you need to buy in to the real promises and responsibilities of freedom.

I don't think President Obama and the elites who support him do that.

And we can't say we didn't see the warnings.