Voter Reacts to Trump's Plan to Improve U.S. Inner Cities

In an attempt to gain the vote of minority voters, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump revealed his “New Deal for black America” on Wednesday, aimed at improving inner cities across the U.S.

Brunell Donald-Kyei, vice-chair of diversity outreach for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, joined the FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast to weigh in.

“I believe that he is talking to that 25% of African-Americans living in abject poverty—they don’t have anything to lose,” Donald-Kyei said. “What Donald Trump is saying is ‘look, let me be your president. Let me put jobs in the communities so that black men can take care of their black women and get the government out of our homes.’”

She added that while Trump has support from the black community across the nation, she believes many are afraid to speak up.

“They don’t want to be called ‘Uncle Tom,’ sellout. I’ve been called ‘Uncle Tom’ and sellout because I don’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton,” she said.

Donald-Kyei critized President Obama’s handling of impoverished cities, and said she doesn’t believe Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would be effective either.

“Black people know from their souls that Hillary Clinton is not going to do anything to help the inner cities,” she said. “If a black president, for the last eight years, didn’t even help his own city, Chicago, what would make you think Hillary Clinton is going to come behind him and be the champion of black people?”

On Donald Trump, Donald-Kyei said he’s not the perfect candidate, but he’s someone she can throw her support behind.

“Can he be crass? Yes. But does he love America? Yes. So let’s get behind the candidate that loves America and not the globalist, Hillary, who cares about the world more than she cares about the United States,” she said.