Vicente Fox Again Blasts Trump and ‘That F-ing Wall’

During an exclusive interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, a very unapologetic former Mexican President Vicente Fox reiterated his stance on Trump’s plan to build a wall on the Mexican border.

“We are not paying, I am not going to pay for that f-ing wall -- I am not -- and he should know that. I am not going to apologize,” he said.

During last night’s Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump reacted to Fox’s original statement on the matter, saying “the wall just got 10 feet taller.”

The former president responded: “My reaction is more stupid. That’s a wrong thought. Migration should be handled in a different manner.”

Fox also argued that walls built throughout history, such as the Berlin Wall, were failures, and said Trump should pull out of the race for GOP nomination.

“Just the concept of wall is terribly, terribly misleading. I will invite this guy to withdraw from the race, to go back to business, to his business, and forget about what is a nation, what is presidency of a nation, what is macro-economics… Let me tell you, the fortune 500’s, 40 percent of Fortune 500’s have been created by migrants,” he said.

Meanwhile, during a speech in Mexico City on Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden said he felt “almost obliged to apologize” for Trump’s comments about Mexico.

“On the contrary, a real public servant, Joe Biden, vice president of the United States, he said ‘I have to apologize for this guy, it’s not credible.’ I mean, the debate yesterday was so poor compared to [the] Democratic debates. I mean, spending hours attacking each other without [any context] in their proposals. Debates are to make proposals, not to attack each other … are not to be presumptuous, arrogant -- they say me, me, me, me and the rest -- for hell. This is not what [the] United States needs.”

Fox also said the U.S. needs a compassionate president.

“This guy says he’s Evangelical. Well he’s should start learning a little bit about compassionate things. Evangelicals are promoters of love, promoters of communication, networking, [teamwork], and especially spirituality. This guy is a material massive 80 kilograms of body -- no intelligence, no spirituality,” he said.

While the Trump campaign has not responded to’s request for comment, during a rally in Fort Worth, Texas, on Friday, he stated, “they want to be treated with tremendous respect even though they don’t treat us with respect… so he dropped the f-bomb and I said to myself ‘can you imagine if I said that?’”