Veterans are the most medically underserved in the country: Kennedy

Can Ronny Jackson successfully run the VA?

FBN’s Kennedy on President Trump firing Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin and whether the president’s new pick, Ronny Jackson, will do a better job running the department.

Secretary's day is next month, and the president is already saving money by canning his second secretary in as many weeks. Joining Rex Tillerson on the bread line is VA secretary David Shulkin, who was swung over an unflattering inspector general report revealing he spent a little too much time sightseeing and watching Wimbledon when he should've been helping sick veterans back home.

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The VA is still mired in post-scandal muck, and Shulkin hasn't done enough to right the wobbly ship through the waters of a new and vastly different administration. The brave warriors who have worn the uniform are the most medically underserved in the country, and anything short of a political miracle was going to doom an underperformer.

Enter Ronny Jackson, the rear admiral doctor who gave the president a glowing medical report while he was peppered with questions about Mr. Trump's physical and mental fitness. Jackson will be the president's pick to lead the VA and hopefully he'll produce results as glowing as the president's blood work and prostate exam.

He will need to energize, synergize and privatize in order to get 370,000 vets headed in a better direction than they've been led thus far, which has been off the deadly cliff of socialized medicine. It is no longer acceptable to use them as lab rats in a failed, sadistic experiment and it's high time they had more choices and proper support to fix their government-imposed sickness.

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