Venezuela should remind Americans about the dangers of socialism: Kennedy

Crappy socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro was elected to another six-year term in Venezuela, and the equally corrupt and authoritarian Turkish president campaigned for him so they could share in the farcical fun.

"Leaders" like Maduro, Erdogan and Putin hate freedom because it gives filthy peasants too much say and power over their own lives. They liquidate government holdings to enrich themselves and their select cronies, and they steal from poor people who live horrible, short, Hobbesian lives before they die in squalor. It's no surprise these liberty loathers create an axis of a-holes; they need to sow discord in the world's most powerful economy because a truly free market disrupts their tyrannical buggery.

Signaling widespread discontent, President Trump has signed an executive order that bans U.S. citizens from snapping up Venezuelan bargains from the state fire sale. When people try to profit off this despotic desperation, they are further imprisoning the poorest among them who can't leave the country.

There has been a mass exodus of doctors, teachers, engineers and anyone else who has the means to escape the tightening noose of cruel socialism. Anyone who can get out has fled, while those trapped there are enjoying rising inflation that's already at nearly 14,000%, plus soaring malnutrition, infant, and maternal mortality rates that are being undertreated at vacant hospitals.

All fraudulent elections should be condemned, including those in Turkey and Russia. And we need to be doubly mindful not to indulge amateur socialists in this country, because even though a Bernie Sanders presidency is a joke, the consequences of diet communism are deadly serious.