Venezuela has become a hotbed of lawlessness: Trish Regan

Venezuela has become a hotbed of lawlessness, a jungle of illegal activity where the government and its representatives actively engage in drug trafficking and money laundering.

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Sources say at least $400 million makes its way to Hezbollah from Latin America every year. That makes the region the largest source of terrorist funding for Hezbollah outside of Iran.

Specifically in Venezuela, sources report that there are connections between some Islamic members of the disputed President Nicolás Maduro regime and Iran. The concern is that Hezbollah has been able to buy fake identities, passports and birth certificates — all in an effort to enable Iranian fighters to move more freely throughout the world.

There are many reasons we care and should keep caring about Venezuela. It's horrible what socialism has done to that country, for sure, but one of the effects of this has been that with no ability to sustain themselves economically, corruption is rampant — and bad actors are plentiful. In a desperate need for cash, Venezuela is selling itself and -- literally -- its identity via passports and birth certificates to anyone willing to pay.

We cannot allow Hezbollah and people who want to destroy America to have a launch pad from which to do it.


The U.S. is doing the right thing — and we need to keep doing it: use our influence to help that country — and to protect ourselves.