Venezuela crisis: Cold War with Russia redux, Varney says

Watching the Venezuela developments, it seemed like we have returned to the Cold War with Russia.

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Vladimir Putin has a huge investment in Nicholas Maduro, the socialist dictator. He's lent him $10 billion. He's propped up Venezuela’s failing oil company, and several news outlets, including the Miami Herald, report Russian military contractors -- that means mercenaries -- have been flown into Caracas in recent days.

Cold war? Could be a hot war. John Bolton’s note pad revealed the words "5,000 troops to Columbia?" at his press briefing yesterday. Columbia is Venezuela’s neighbor!

America has taken Maduro's money away. What he earns from those CITGO stations will be funneled to a neutral account. No money. No food. No electricity!  That’s a collapse. Who will the generals go with? Putin or Trump? It’s back to the 80s. America vs. Russia!

One last point. Remember President Obama’s outreach to Cuba’s Castro regime? We opened up to the communists!  Gave 'em a diplomatic and financial helping hand.


And now, Cuban military people are a big part of Maduro's security, propping up a bankrupt, collapsing dictatorship.

That’s another Obama policy that failed.