Varney to White House Correspondents’ Association president: Resign!

There will be no apology from Michelle Wolf. No backing down at all. She says she "wouldn't change a single word of what I said.”

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Let’s be clear. The White House Correspondents’ Association knew exactly what they were doing when the hired her to speak at the elite press club dinner. They knew what they wanted, and they got it.

A vulgar, un-funny, personally insulting rant, directed right at the Trump team.

New developments: as we said, no apology from Ms. Wolf, and now we find she had deleted more than 20,000 tweets, before she spoke to the White House press corps. She was covering her tracks, because those tracks are truly disgusting. For example, she called Eric Trump an abortion. She called tennis star Serena Williams a man. She thought Bill Clinton "attractive.” You would have thought the Correspondents’ Association would have done some due diligence on its chosen speaker! Quit dissembling – you knew very well what you were getting.

Another development: The New York Times used one of its TV critics to review Ms. Wolf’s speech and pass judgement. He writes “she did her job, and did it brutally well.” “The jokes were personal, yes, because character is personal.” What? Personal insult is okay? In the Times' world, apparently it’s okay to insult a conservative woman's appearance. But I’ll bet it’s not okay to do the same thing to a liberal woman!

You really have to wonder what's going on with the left. The New York Times can't understand that Ms. Wolf's so-called humor is totally out of bounds. That’s how far their contempt has taken them.

And you really have to wonder about the future of the White House Correspondents’ Association. Surely, they won't do another dinner like that! And what about Margaret Talev, who runs the association? She says she asked Ms. Wolf for a unifying message – really? You didn't want unity, you wanted a speaker to trash the president, and in hiring Ms. Wolf, you destroyed the credibility of the White House press corps. Resign!