Varney: If anyone challenged Obama’s sanity, they would have been out of a job

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Media’s questioning of Trump’s sanity ‘low’: Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney explains why the media’s questioning of President Trump’s sanity -- including an editorial in The New York Times “Is Mr. Trump nuts?” -- is hypocritical.

If anyone had challenged President Obama's sanity they would be out of a job in ten seconds flat and then banished from respectable society.

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But, with President Trump it’s a different story: There are no restrictions. Call him what you like.

Thus, the New York Times' editorial board has this headline: "Is Mr. Trump nuts?" the Times answers its own question, saying it’s beside the point: He is impulsive, erratic, alarming, and unfit to serve.

Not a word about the president's actual performance: Strong growth, 2 million new jobs, over 1 million workers getting bonuses, tax cuts and a huge win for everyone's pension plan! ISIS gone. That is the one year record of this "unfit to serve, dangerous" president!

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Just who exactly, is dangerous? President Obama? Who gave away the store to Iran, opened the door to ISIS and ran up the debt to "dangerous" levels?

What are foreign governments supposed to think? What are Americans supposed to think, when the left and the media combine to suggest our country is being run by a president who is mentally unstable? How low can you go? How dangerous can you be?

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