US, GOP can't survive if Trump doesn't keep his promises: Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter wants President Donald Trump to hold true to his campaign promises - particularly building the proposed wall at the U.S.’s southern border with Mexico.

Coulter has been one of Trump’s fiercest supporters, a proponent of his “America First” platform, but is somewhat critical of the president calling on him to make good on his commitments.

Coulter says that despite illegal border crossings being down, it is because of Trump’s rhetoric, not because of fear of the wall.

“I think [Trump] is still living off the rhetoric of the campaign and that was an important campaign. The fact that fewer illegal immigrants are trying to cross in, that is a result of his rhetoric, it is not because we have a wall. Trump is allowing ICE to do their job. But all the things that we like that’s happening, it goes away like that with the next president,” the author and political commentator said during an interview with FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs.

Trump has blamed “fake news” for his failure to get his agenda passed, which Coulter calls “vicious lies,” but she also says that Trump hasn’t done himself any favors by his appointees being “part of the swamp.”

“I mean, he is absolutely right on the fake news…,” she says. “I think that is part of the hysteria from the left, from the media, from the deep state, from the swamp - they were just about to tip the country, they almost had it. Just four more years of illegal immigrants and legal immigrants, our entire country would be the state of California. They could taste it, they were so close. Republicans would be gone, gone, gone.”