US-China trade talks’ level of secrecy has been impressive: Hudson Institute’s Michael Pillsbury

Trade talks resumed Wednesday between the United States and China.

White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow commented on the progress saying negotiators are making “good headway” with the deal.

Hudson Institute’s Michael Pillsbury told FOX Business there’s a chance for a trade breakthrough on Thursday as the ninth round of negotiations persist.

“This all goes from moment to moment. Everybody knows this last 10 percent involves a lot of very sensitive issues including sovereignty and how we might punish the Chinese if they cheat,” he said on the “The Evening Edit” Wednesday.

China's Vice Premier Liu He could possibly meet with President Trump to discuss a future summit date, according to Pillsbury.

Among those attending the high priority trade meeting were Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.


The United States and China have been negotiating over trade for nearly a year.

“At some point we’ve got to stop the negotiations, agree to it and then get into the enforcement phase,” Pillsbury added.