Trump's visit to Paris could spark riot: Stuart Varney

Briefly, let me take you back to January 16th. 2015. Remember this? Secretary of State John Kerry was in Paris to show America’s concern at the Charlie Hebdo terrorist massacre. Kerry brought James Taylor with him, and he sang "You've Got a Friend".  A hapless John Kerry, with an ageing singer, from a president who couldn't bring himself to say "Islamic terror".  In my opinion, this was a low moment.

Oh how different from today's visit by the president and the first lady! Mr. Trump is not an apologist. He's a missionary, preaching the values of western civilization. The French won't like it. I expect a riot. But Europe should listen to what America has to say.

At this moment, Europe is turning into a vast museum. Where is the innovation? I don't see any European Amazons, Googles, Apples, Microsoft or Facebooks. Europe is bitterly divided over Muslim immigration. Europe's economy is mired in slow growth and high unemployment. It’s trapped in a socialist, secular mindset of angst!

And here's President Trump telling them, “America is different.  If you want to stop the rot, return to western values. Return to the Judeo Christian ethic that gave us individual liberty and freedom.”

What a contrast… John Kerry/James Taylor, or President Trump and First Lady Melania.