Trump's tax reform will create economic boom: Treasury official

U.S. Treasury Public Affairs Assistant Secretary Tony Sayegh on Friday said President Trump’s pro-growth agenda will create an economic boom in this country.

“People understand the policy he [Trump] is working on, tax reform, regulatory relief, restructuring unfair trade agreements are all going to lead to the type of economic growth we need for everybody to succeed," Sayegh told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney.

Despite some pushback from both sides of the political aisle, Sayegh said he is confident that the bureaucratic hurdles that have derailed progress on Capitol Hill in the past won’t stop Trump’s tax reforms.

“I believe between the White House, our department in Treasury with Secretary Mnuchin, our partners with the NEC Gary Cohen and Congress, both on the House and Republican sides, we are much closer to getting tax reform done than I think meets the eye,” he said.

Sayegh said tax reform and eliminating the regulations of Dodd-Frank will create economic growth and jobs.

“You basically had smaller banks and this huge institutions under the same regulatory regime that was crushing lending to small businesses which are job creators and middle income Americans,” he said.