Trump's tax cut plan promotes growth and prosperity: Stuart Varney

The response of the left to the president's tax cut plan, looks old, and tired—same old, same old.

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Democrat leaders in the Senate and the House, made speeches that could have been made 30 years ago, in response to the Reagan tax cuts, or 15 years ago, after the Bush tax cuts. It’s a give-away to the rich. It’s a give-away to the big corporations—same old, same old.

The mainstream media takes the sarcastic approach. The New York Times: "The trump tax plan benefits the wealthy, including himself,” even though the president said the exact opposite.

The Washington Post says the GOP pitches deep tax cuts with few details on paying for them, and, "Trump's tax speech filled with his usual inaccurate claims.”

That’s the best they've got: Tired old slogans and low-level political sniping.

Truth is, President Trump is going to get a lot of Democrat support for his plan. Not from the rich Democrats of New York and California, but from Democrats in states which desperately need jobs: West Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, North Dakota and many more. You get jobs from growth, not from tax and spend.

Since his inauguration in January, the president has not had an easy time. Some of his problems are of his own making, but starting about six weeks ago, with Gen. [John] Kelly clamming down on a chaotic White House, things have started to look up.

Now, with a tax plan on the table, the growth agenda can start to move forward. And that’s what has his opponents on the left worried.

This plan is politically doable. It’s geared to Middle America. And it promotes growth and prosperity.