Trump’s stand against Iran is correct: Israeli Ambassador to the UN

A weekend of comments by President Trump, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani followed a speech by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in which he accused Iran's leadership of massive corruption and widespread rights abuses and urged Iranians to rise up in protest.

“I think they are panicking in Iran today,” said Danny Danon, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations. “For the last few years they were pampered by the international community and President Trump came in and said that’s it. Enough.”

Danon made his comments during an interview on FOX Business’ Making Money with Charles Payne.

“WithIn a few weeks, the U.S. will reimplement the sanctions so they are panicking due to that,” said Danon. “The Europeans will have to decide to work with the U.S. economy or the Iranian economy and I believe they will choose your economy.”

The Ambassador said the Iranian people see the regime investing money in terror locations around the world, money that could go to domestic projects.

“We have nothing against the Iranian people, they are good people,” said Danon.  “We want to help them, we want to cooperate with them, but they are being kept hostage by the regime which exploit their economy and take the money to stick in their bank accounts and when they have free money they invest in Hamas, Hezbollah, terror cells around the world, even in South America you can find fingerprints of Iranian money.”

Danon says the regime is worried and that’s why there were so many tweets and comments and that the new administration is doing the right thing.