Trump's push to draw Democrats makes tax deal more likely: Varney

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The president is demanding action. Trump to Congress: pass my growth agenda. It’s your job. Get on with it.

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And there's a twist – he's also saying, “if the Republicans can't get it done, I’ll go to the Democrats.”

Case in point, Wednesday’s trip to North Dakota. That is a conservative-leaning energy state, with a Democratic senator, Heidi Heitkamp. She will be on board Air Force One as the president flies to her state.

Last week, the president barnstormed for tax cuts in Missouri, another conservative pro-Trump state with a Democratic senator, Claire McCaskill. And then there is West Virginia: big time Trump country, with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.

That’s three Democrats from three conservative states who would surely be prime candidates to jump ship and go for the president's middle class tax cut. Wouldn't that change the Senate's vote?

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And don't forget Senator Menendez, the New Jersey Democrat whose corruption trial begins Wednesday. He could miss key votes; that would help Republicans.

Add it up, and the president's push to attract Democrats makes a tax cut deal more likely. Surely, when it comes to cutting taxes, the president can rely on a unified Republican “yes” vote. And he has a good shot at getting two or three Democrat “yes” votes too.

The odds are shifting in the president's favor!

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