Trump vs. Clinton: How Astrology Plays Into the 2016 Presidential Race

The 2016 presidential race has been anything but predictable. From outsider candidates, like Donald Trump rising to the top of the Republican party to legacy contenders like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton duking it out to secure the Democratic nomination.

If pundits and pollsters haven’t been able to see a clear path to the White House, could the universe hold the answers for the country’s future leadership?

Susan Miller, famed astrologer and founder of shared her insights with on this year’s election cycle through planet analysis.

“I am not psychic. I have to base everything on a mathematical chart. There are different algorithms and I put a chart together. The magical thing about astrology is you are completely unique no chart will ever be replicated again,” Susan she said.

Miller’s astrological expertise has a huge following with six million unique visitors to her website each month. She composed and analyzed the astrology charts of presidential frontrunners Clinton and Trump. The billionaire businessman has been labeled “the candidate of chaos” with his unpredictability on the campaign trail and in the media. Miller says after calculating Trump’s chart using date, time and location of birth, she discovered clues into his character.

“[Donald Trump] was born on a full moon and full moon babies tend to come before the public. He has two very important planets in the house of honors, awards, achievement and fame. He has the sun which is really important because that is where you shine so he shines in his profession,” Miller said.

She explained the real-estate mogul’s chart shows Uranus, the planet of unpredictable events and genius, a combination that best exemplifies Trump.

“In order to have genius you need to break things and resemble them in a new synthesis. Donald Trump is good at both so he is always going to follow a non-traditional path,” Miller added.

“He does think in non-traditional forms, he does think of ideas, he is an idea person you always know what he is thinking because he is going to say it and he does have plenty of energy. Mars is the warrior he is not afraid of battle.”

Throughout his campaign Trump hasn’t backed away from controversy or a battle with a rival, suggesting he only strikes back when someone attacks him first. Looking ahead to the 2016 race, Miller says she does have some sound advice for The Donald.

“You’ve got to secure the nomination but you have to be prepared for a lot of criticism. What you have now isn’t anywhere near as bad as what is coming. In terms of Trump University: Settle that case, get it over with don’t’ bring it to trial. You know they are going to bring it to trial right before the election,” Miller said.

On the Democratic side, Miller says Clinton’s chart shows many planets in Scorpio which signifies her strength in leadership.

“Scorpios talent is ‘I give you this you give me that.’ They are very good negotiators, they are very good at handling power, they like to have control,” Miller said.

She says Clinton’s climb to the top in the political arena will continue to be met with challenges however Miller says she has some words of wisdom for the former Secretary of State.

“[Hillary Clinton] is very discrete. She will not divulge any secrets, she has mars the warrior planet at the very top in the house of fame and honors. She has accomplished so much so far in her life but it hasn’t been easy because Saturn and Pluto are right on her tail. The people who support her are like glue, so I would say to her if your job Hillary is to enlarge the circle and just constantly watch your back,” Miller said.

With Election Day just eight months away, Miller said the planets are poised for a chaotic result at the ballot box.

“Neptune is conjunct the moon, I think we are not going to know who won. They are going to be counting the votes for another day or two. It’s going to be that close that’s why it’s so important to vote,” Miller said.