Trump using tariffs to pursue fair trade: Lou Dobbs

Does it ever seem to you that President Trump has done more than any president in modern history in just 16 months? Yep, me too.

He's not only done more in that short time than any president since FDR, but he's also rolled back almost all of his predecessor's so-called legacy legislation, executive orders and regulations. More to do, but there are only tattered remnants of what we now know were the slow, almost indolent years of the Obama administration.

I marvel at President Trump's abundant, even endless energy. We're about the same age--alright, maybe I'm a shade older than the president--and while I consider myself a worker, Mr. Trump is in a league of his own.

Climbing on Air Force One to go to Texas to console a community coping with the pain and grief of another school shooting. Signing “right to try” legislation and pardoning Jack Johnson, Dinesh D'Souza and maybe Martha Stewart, too. Flying to Nashville to rally his base to put more Republicans in Congress and the Senate.

And now he's slapping tariffs on Mexico, Canada and the European Union, negotiating to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, and undeterred by the massive odds against success, an unlikely success but one that would cause the world to catch its breath.

Just the kind of odds he's overcome throughout his extraordinary life. And don't look now, but suddenly there's no mention of a blue wave in the left-wing national media.

In fact, California dimms fear they may lose a number of key races they had already put in their midterm win column, and all the president is doing is leading and, as he promised, winning. And, oh yes, he keeps tweeting, too.

If you're confused about what he's doing about the massive trade deficit with China, bringing 323 actions and 301s as well, tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, tariffs on Canada, Mexico and the EU tomorrow: Just read the most succinct policy statement a president has ever written. It reads, “Fair trade!”