Trump travel order: Nothing unconstitutional about it, Judge Jeanine Pirro says

A federal judge in Hawaii on Thursday denied an emergency motion filed by the state intended to reign in President Trump’s travel order, but Judge Jeanine Pirro says there’s nothing unconstitutional about the ban.

“The travel restriction as the President had it drafted mimics immigration law and there are those people that say well the grandparents aren’t in there… and this judge, liberal and as hateful of Donald Trump as he is, just said we’ll let the Supremes decide this one,” Pirro said on FOX Business.

Pirro said the travel order could be taken up in October and ‘will definitely be upheld.”

“It is within the president’s plenary powers. There is nothing that is unconstitutional about it and no one has the right to enter this country, it’s a privilege,” she said.