Trump taunts on Sessions creating an administration crisis: Karl Rove

During an appearance on FOX Business, Karl Rove called Trump’s taunting of Attorney General Jeff Sessions “stupid.”

“The President complains rightly about the lack of attention to his policy successes but a large part of that is for him [burying the news] of good policy advances with unnecessary controversy” Rove said.

President Trump blasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions during an interview with the New York Times on Tuesday. Rove said this overshadowed good news that Trump had “renewed and reenergized” motivation for Republicans to pass health reform.

“That news was buried by unnecessary controversy by attacking his attorney general,” he said.

Rove added that Sessions had no choice but to recuse himself.

“It’s explicit, a federal law required the Justice Department years ago to have established standards for recusal,” he said.  “One of those standards for recusal is if you are involved in a political campaign, played a principal role in a political campaign and that campaign or people involved in that campaign are part of an investigation you have to recuse [yourself].”

If Trump were to push out Sessions, he would not have an Attorney General for the rest of the year. Senator Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, on Wednesday tweeted he would not hold a hearing for the nomination of a potential successor.

“If he fires Sessions or if Sessions feels so humiliated he leaves, you think the last 6-months have been bad for the press? Wait for the next six months as he… attempts to find a replacement and… goes through a confirmation hearing that will last through the end of the year and beyond in which the Democrats would use every moment they can to trash this administration, distract the public, draw attention away from his policies successes and wrap him up in the middle of something that stinks to high heaven. That’s why it’s stupid,” Rove said.

He added: “He’s upset -- fine. Express your [dismay] in private. Stop talking about it publicly. Let the focus go back on things you are trying to do and do not… create a crisis for your administration by forcing him out and going through a brutal battle.”