Trump shouldn’t deal with the Democrats on immigration: Dobbs

A few thoughts now on the people who think they're going to bargain with this president on DACA and immigration while attacking him.

The president's critics are more focused on his rhetoric than his actions. In this case, his rejection of a deal from pro-amnesty senators with colorful language.

I believe this is a president who wants to be liked, but the Democrats, the establishment don't want him to succeed or give him credit.

In the year since President Trump took office, the market has gained $5.7 billion in value, unemployment is at a 17 year low. The number of Americans who received jobless benefits last year at a 44-year low and Americans on food stamps at the lowest level since 2010.

More than 130 companies as a result of tax reform are offering bonuses or additional benefits to employees.

So mister president, a word of advice on dealing with Democrats… Don't.

They're not going to respect you, so perhaps they should fear you as you continue to deliver for the American people, especially when it comes to securing the border and enacting merit-based immigration.