Trump should pardon me, Fmr. Gov. Don Siegelman

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman (D) on Thursday explained why President Trump should pardon him after serving a six year sentence for bribery.

In 2006, Siegelman was convicted for appointing HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy to a board position, after he donated half a million dollars to Siegelman's lottery campaign. Scrushy was also found guilty and was sentenced to jail time as well.

“This could happen to any governor or any president. It could have happened to President Obama or it could happen to President Trump. This is why I asked President Obama to pardon me and this is why President Trump should pardon me. It will clear up the law so that people will understand that you can’t go around putting people in prison for something that is clearly not a crime,” he told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast.”

Scrushy was released from prison in 2010, while Siegelman was released this year. Siegelman still believes that he had done nothing wrong.

“He [Scrushy] didn’t want to serve on the board and he didn’t give me any money. It was a campaign contribution to a referendum to support education. The important thing here is that I was not charged with receiving a single penny,” he said.

A documentary about the criminal case was released in May, called “Atticus v. The Architect: The Political Assassination of Don Siegelman.”