Trump should give up Twitter, President Reagan's son says

Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan, said President Donald Trump’s twitter account fuels the media’s criticism against him and takes his focus away from key issues.

“Donald Trump, I think, would go a long ways if in fact he gave up Twitter for a while because it seems every time he stops tweeting he gets things done," Reagan said in an interview on the FOX Business Network. "But when he gets in the middle of everything with his tweets, he changes the course of the news cycle for the day, and ultimately helps the media come out against him."

The ‘Lessons My Father Taught Me,” author said unlike his father, President Trump does not have bipartisan support.

“The one thing my father had is support in Washington," Reagan said. "He had built up that support, he knew how to negotiate, even though we have a President who wrote “The Art of the Deal,” there is also the art of government, and making these deals,” he said.

But like President Trump, Reagan said his father was not immune from harsh criticism on the campaign trail. The difference, Reagan said, is that President Reagan refused to engage with these accusations, and he ultimately rose above it.

“When my father ran for office, what did they call him? A warmonger. They said he was going to start WWIII, he was the worst thing that was ever going to happen to America, but you’ll never find a speech, you’ll never find an op-ed piece that he wrote denying all of those things. He didn’t let himself get caught up in the minutiae. Donald Trump spends too much time letting himself get caught up in the minutiae, and its stopped him from accomplishing things,” he said.