Trump should end Twitter feud with media: Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas Governor and 2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says it's time for President Trump to drop his feud with the media. "Frankly he ought to leave the funny tweeting to guys like me for whom there is no real governmental consequence, and I’d be happy to take that role,” Huckabee said Monday in an interview with FOX Business.

Huckabee defended his daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary and attacked CNN, which released a statement Sunday calling it a "sad day" when the president encourages violence against the media, and saying Huckabee "lied" when she denied the president had ever encouraged violence.

“I thought it was amazing that CNN is talking about truth and honesty," Huckabee said. "Getting advice about truth from CNN is kind of like getting recipes for the Fourth of July from Hannibal Lecter. I mean come on, they’re the champion of fake news and fraudulent news."

Huckabee says the attacks on his daughter only exemplify the hypocrisy of the mainstream media, which continues to personally attack President Trump.

“Americans aren’t stupid, they’re just not. They’re really smart enough to see through this, and the little video that Trump sent out they saw it as entertainment and they saw it as a tongue in cheek sense of humor point of being funny and you know the people living in the bubble of the media don’t get it and they never will.”

Although Huckabee believes Trump has the right to use Twitter, he thinks the President should focus on the highlights of his administration thus far such as “successes in foreign relations,” “amazing stock market numbers that are historic,” and “deregulation of business and the growth of jobs.”

“There are so many things he really ought to be trumpeting, and this [Trump’s twitter] just takes the focus away from his successes."