Trump setting up another 'great time' in US history: Trish Regan

This is really indeed a monumental moment. It is a historic moment.

It kind of reminded me this morning when I was a kid, President Reagan came into office and the Iranian hostages were freed. What a moment that was.

Humor me a little bit, if you would with a trip down memory lane.

In January 1981, when those hostages were freed, you think about the challenges that the country had been through in the 1970s, certainly from an economic perspective.

You think about the gas lines in the late 1970s. You think about when Ronald Reagan came into office.

He took a lot of criticism. There was a lot of finger pointing by the media and the left, saying this guy is crazy -- he is nothing but an actor, he will never get anything done.

Think about the similarities between then and now: There are a few -- granted two very different people, different styles -- but nonetheless both of them had a pretty firm hand when it came to dealing with some of these international issues.

You think of the success that Reagan was able to achieve with the Soviet Union and dissolving of that, opening up East Germany.

You think about "take down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev."

There was so much packed into the eight years that helped our country internationally, that helped our country domestically with the economy.

I guess could we be in store for another great time in American history?