Trump: NAFTA deal could stay trilateral or switch to bilateral, will have sunset clause

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Rep. Duffy: I'm fine with NAFTA

Rep. Sean Duffy, (R-Wisc.), on the Trump administration's trade negotiations, the debate over immigration reform and the IG report on the FBI and Department of Justice.

President Donald Trump on Saturday said the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) could remain a trilateral deal, or could be renegotiated into two separate arrangements.

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“We’ll either leave it the way it is as a threesome deal … and change it very substantially – we’re talking about very big changes. Or we’re going to make a deal directly with Canada, directly with Mexico,” Trump told reporters at the Group of Seven meeting in Quebec, warning that the results of not reaching an agreement would be “very bad” for Mexico and Canada.

The president said the NAFTA deal will have a sunset clause, something that caused tension and previous trade talks to stall.

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