Trump must stay with a capitalist message: Kennedy

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Trump needs to ‘capitalize on capitalism’: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy gives a libertarian State of the Union address.

As you know, tonight was supposed to be the State of the Union. But since that rodehard blowhard Nancy Pelosi is into take-backs, I have been asked to give the Libertarian State of the Union, and if you want the union to persist, it's the only one that matters.

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The President ran as a non-interventionist, a whim he can't over indulge as far as liberty is concerned, who laid out the dire consequences of nation building and mission creep, as successive administrations have only extended failure and bloodshed from one empty presidency to the next.

We are gradually reducing our footprint in Syria and downsizing in Afghanistan, as it becomes painfully clear the trillions we've spent and thousands of lives lost have only benefitted Iran. We have still not solved the impossible riddle of how to defeat and replace the murderous bastardization of Islam, and until we do that we shouldn't be anywhere near the devil's chamber pot.

Now we turn to the turmoil in Venezuela, where the brain drain and authoritarianism has left her most vulnerable citizens defenseless against a violent and unstable regime. Again, the President must lean on his non-interventionist impulses and realize American bloodshed would be immoral and disastrous as Venezuelans are still capable of righting their punctured ship.

Back home we have seen great, bipartisan strides in meaningful criminal justice reform legislation that 4 years ago would've seemed impossible in a Republican administration. This President can set the tone for the states and future leaders to fix families, communities and individuals through the thoroughly American ideals of rehabilitation and redemption, and not mass incarceration.

Unemployment is still unbelievably low, and even with a slight uptick in December due to increased labor participation women are seeing their lowest unemployment numbers in 65 years while black unemployment is at an all time low. If the President can focus on these numbers, any Democratic opponent will be hard pressed to sell a doom and gloom jobs message. Work always triumphs over dependency, as anyone who is engaging in the economy can attest.

The tax cuts were great, GDP growth is almost double the average of the Obama years, but the broad trim is meaningless without cost-cutting and serious entitlement reform, because if left unchecked status quo Medicare and Social Security sprees will tank any economic growth and goodwill in half a generation.


More than anything the President needs to capitalize on *Capitalism* and realize we are at a crossroads where younger voters see Socialism as fun and viable. It is not. It is ultimately deadly for the economy, and a state run society will devolve into Venezuela or Albania under the wrong conditions.

Wealth creation and job growth are nothing to be ashamed of, and the expression of economic creativity is a beautiful manifestation of freedom. All these positive things should be embraced, because when individualism trumps statism anything is possible. God bless America!