Trump is willing to take a stand on free speech: College Republicans National Committee chairman

President Trump on Thursday signed an executive order to protect free speech on college campuses and threatened colleges of losing federal research funding if the rights were not protected.

“Even as Universities have received billions and billions of dollars from taxpayers many have become increasingly hostile to free speech and to the First Amendment,” Trump said.

College Republicans National Committee chairman Chandler Thronton, who was at the White House event, commented on the executive order telling FOX Business’ Elizabeth MacDonald, “It was totally warranted and we finally have a president who is willing to take a stand on free speech.”

The executive order also tackles the problem of student loan debt. The order calls on the Treasury Department to work with the Education Department to better publish student debt and highlight the risk of taking out loans.

“He wants to tackle the student loan crisis. For the first time we are seeing a president that’s addressing the student loan crisis,” Thronton said on Thursday. “College is supposed to be an opportunity to put everyone on a level playing field, to be able to express yourself and decide what you believe for yourself.”


U.S. outstanding student loan debt hit an all-time high of nearly $1.5 trillion.