Trump is right to say the NFL's leadership is an embarrassment, Dobbs says

When President Trump criticized the NFL this weekend for its lack of patriotism, Commissioner Roger Goodell responded by attacking the president.

He chastised the president’s words, saying "divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players."

Goodell used the same statement to continue pandering to the players and their union, who have been allowed to run amok for far too long. He suggested it was somehow out of bounds for the leader of our nation to ask our country's most successful athletes and visible role models to honor our flag, our freedom and our common principles.

The commissioner had nothing but praise for the pampered who have become a thugocracy aimed at undermining our country and constraining freedom of speech for those patriots who dare to disagree with them.

The president is right to say the NFL's leadership is an embarrassment and a disgrace, throwing the keys to their brand and their sport to players too immature to understand their privilege.

The NFL has become nothing less than a mob mentality at a time when thoughtfulness and respect is required. It began when Goodell let Colin Kaepernick insult our flag and the values of our country. Now the players union wants the whole month of May to protest more of America.

Goodell and the privileged player-protestors are trying to kill what was once a great game. It's time to hold them all accountable.

Who would you want your child or grandchild to emulate: the player on the left or the right

Odell Beckham pretending to urinate in the end zone like a dog, or Alejandro Villanueva, who stood tall when all of his teammates were weak-kneed and cowardly?

There is no other word for what they've become. They've been following the lead of their commissioner and it’s high time they followed the lead of their president.

Some have argued this is just sports; they've accused President Trump of making this too big an issue and creating a distraction at a time when we're challenged by devastating disasters and murderous rogue regimes.

But then you see this: 8-year-old players in Belleville, Illinois forced by their coach to kneel during the national anthem. Third graders being indoctrinated against the shared values that have allowed America to overcome every obstacle in its history.

This is how vile and destructive it can get ... And that's no game.