Trump is right about merit-based immigration: Kennedy

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Merit-based immigration should be implemented in the US: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy on the New York City terror attack and why a merit-based immigration plan would help the U.S.

Another suggestible, sociopathic Jihadist has once again murdered innocents, and New York City bounced back and gave Islamism the middle finger. While the reaction may be for more surveillance, bombs and extreme vetting, let's first consider the root: the cult of radical Islam.

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While killing terrorists is satisfying and quenches the thirst for justice like a cool fresca, it doesn't make a dent in the real problem. Young, susceptible men are turned into murderers and justify their cowardice by bastardizing a religion.

When you kill them, or worse, kill their family members with indiscriminate drone strikes, it just makes more of them. You have to counter the root where perverted Islam takes effect. You have to wage war on the ideology, which we have not effectively done with all our wars and drones and trillions of dollars that have yet to move the needle.

The president is right about merit-based immigration, and when some random sicko like yesterday's terrorist seeps in through some lottery, you know the system is broken.

Instead of focusing on trying to keep so many people out, we should let good, smart people in who want to study and thrive and participate in American greatness.

Our mass surveillance is another weakness, and instead of warantlessly spying on Americans who talk to foreigners, we should be steadfastly focusing on the murderous turdlets who clearly want to kill us and take our freedom.

The cost of that precious freedom means sometimes bad things happen when more things are allowed. Sealing ourselves in silos might make us feel protected, but bubble wrapped, gun-free safe zones are no way to live. We can have gun rights and free speech and freedom of association and movement, but we do have to accept that government cannot keep us safe from everything, and certainly not by spying on us.

I am glad this asshat is alive and in pain, and if one of the survivors were my family member in the same hospital, I’d find a way to put Drano in his IV. Justice and freedom go hand in hand, but in seeking one, it isn't necessary to compromise the other.

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