Trump is being viciously, violently attacked: Ann Coulter

In an interview Sunday on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation,’ Florida Sen. Marco Rubio reacted to calls for less drama from the White House saying “that’s what the American people voted for.”

But ‘In Trump We Trust’ author Ann Coulter took issue with Rubio, telling the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, “It’s preposterous because, I mean, to blame the ‘chaos’ on Trump himself, no, he’s being viciously, violently attacked because he took on both political parties.”

Asked if Trump deserves some of the responsibility because of his t​weets and comments he has made off the cuff, Coulter reacted, “No, I love the tweets.  Almost everything that everyone else dislikes about Trump are what I consider his strong points.”

Coulter says​ by battling with the president, the ​media is​ losing its power and influence.

“I don’t think they have as much power as they did when they took out President Nixon, so part of their rage is that they’re losing their power because of the internet.  But no, I don’t think they will ever stop.”

Coulter then issued a warning to Trump if he didn’t keep his promises, saying, “I hope Trump notices that if he doesn’t keep his promises Republicans will be wiped out in the midterm elections, Democrats will have the House of Representatives and they absolutely will impeach him.”

Coulter puts much of the blame on Congressional Republicans for stalling President Trump’s agenda.

“Of course I blame the Republicans in Congress the most, but we always knew that.  I knew they were traitors, again, working for the lobbyists, the Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street and not for the American people.  And we knew that Trump would have a tough road to hoe.  But he was supposed to go down and be a bull in a china shop and we’re still waiting.”