Trump in Davos: Elites should listen to his policy speech, Varney says

President Trump is about to give the most important economic speech of his presidency so far.

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Friday, in Davos, he will spell out his policy: America First. America is open for business.

He will be speaking directly to an audience that opposes just about everything he stands for.

Davos is the headquarters for the climate warriors, for open borders, for cradle to grave welfare. The global elites to whom Mr. Trump will be speaking, drone on about the horrors of income inequality. And they think our president is a racist, unfit for the job and mentally unstable. They don't like him.

They should listen to the man. The economic policies that our president has put in place are working. De-regulation: We're going to be able to do things again, like build bridges, roads and airports, without taking decades.

Economic growth: Trump's policies have reversed a decade of weakness, and given us the lowest jobless rate in 17 years and the lowest jobless rate for African Americans in generations!

Trump is moving us toward energy dominance: We're going to help the Europeans get out from under Russia’s energy thumb.

Yes, he's ruffling feathers with his trade policies, and yes, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has already broken the unwritten rule that you don't talk down the value of the dollar.

Confrontation: Here it comes. I hope he speaks on Friday between 9 a.m. and noon ET, so we can run the speech live on this program.

It will be the president’s most important economic speech in his young presidency.