Trump, his base are at odds with Senate Republicans: Stuart Varney

This president is not holding back. He is still as combative, direct and sharp-edged, as ever. Under attack, from many sides, he counter-punches, hard.

A classic example of this: last night, in Arizona.

19,000 people jammed the auditorium in Phoenix and were treated to a campaign style speech that lasted well over an hour.

Again, classic Trump. He beat up the media, saying they were dividing the country. He returned to Charlottesville and said the media had distorted his words. The crowd loved it.

He beat up Senate Republicans for the delay in passing his agenda. He didn't name Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, but he went right after him. The crowd was with him.

Eventually, he moved on to policy. He wants those tax cuts. He wants that wall.

But, what emerged from last night's speech was a very clear message: I'm not backing off… no retreat. The message was directed to his supporters in the crowd and his supporters everywhere. This is my style. This is how I roll. I'm not changing.

There are many voices this morning suggesting he is again getting in the way of his own agenda, that by hitting Senate Republicans, he's turning away the politicians he needs to get his legislation through.

The base loves Trump. Trump loves the base. And both are at odds, to put it mildly, with Senate Republicans.