Trump haters in gov't are still there and it's our job to expose them: Varney

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Deep bench of Trump haters undermining our institutions: Varney

FBN's Stuart Varney on the opposition to President Trump deep in the federal government's bureaucracy.

The story is, finally, coming out. Reads like a cheap spy novel. But it’s about our government. About entrenched government bureaucrats. They got us from the inside.

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During the election campaign, the FBI conducted an investigation of Hillary Clinton and the state secrets she was running through her server at her house in Chappaqua, N.Y.

Agent Peter Strzok was directly involved in the probe. He interviewed Clinton aids Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin. He was present when Hillary was interviewed. When the investigation was over, the FBI famously concluded Hillary had not been grossly negligent, but extremely careless—big difference. Strzok was a leader of the team that changed the language. Hillary was off the legal hook.

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Mr. Strzok wasn't done. He signed the papers opening the Russia, Russia, Russia investigation. He interviewed Gen. Michael Flynn. He helped clear Hillary, then went after President Trump.

Now we find out that Strzok is politically biased. He's anti-Trump. And he's clearly not the only politicized bureaucrat—another lawyer on the FBI team Andrew Weissmann wrote how he was in "awe" when another anti-Trumper, Sally Yates, defied the president.

And don't ever forget the bureaucrats at the IRS who successfully beat up president Obama’s political opponents. And got away with it.

I know you've heard much of this before. There's a lot more to come. The pieces are slowly coming together.

And what we see at this stage, is a deep state cabal of Trump haters who have burrowed into the bureaucracy, and undermined our institutions. The haters are still there. It’s our job to expose them, and reverse the damage they've done.

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