Trump has full authority to complete border wall: Ann Coulter

“In Trump We Trust’” author Ann Coulter urged President Donald Trump to use his executive power to enforce the completion of the border wall.

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“He’s the commander-in-chief,” Coulter said during an interview with FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs. “No legislator, no court can take that away. He has full authority to repel and attack on the border.”

Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to showcase images of the wall construction along the U.S.-Mexico border after reports indicated the president would use military funds to pay for the project.

“He can use the military,” Coulter said. “Some of us have been saying that forever.”

Coulter said a completed border wall would help contain drug abuse.

“You’ll see that 98% of the heroin and fentanyl is coming from Mexico,” Coulter said. “It’s a problem of not having a wall on our borders.”

Trump has declared a “public health emergency” and has set aside more than $4 billion in additional money to fight the opioid crisis as part of the $1.3 trillion spending bill.

Coulter, a syndicated columnist, said the president needs to surround himself with people who can give him solid advice on the border wall, which is currently lacking in the White House.

“When it comes to immigration, there is no one in the White House giving him good advice,” she said. “It is 10 feet deep with people who oppose the wall.”