Trump has a golden opportunity to sell tax cuts: Stuart Varney

President Trump has a golden opportunity: Use the presidency. Use the bully-pulpit, to sell tax cuts.

Mr. Trump left health care to Congress, and the Republicans failed. Don't let that happen again, especially with the center piece of the growth agenda.

When President Reagan cut taxes, he addressed the nation from the Oval Office. President Trump could do the same: that’s how you marshal support from the people. Tell the country what tax cuts would do for us all.

And he could travel the country, holding mass rallies like he did on the campaign...transform that energy into a campaign for tax cuts and growth! His supporters would love it! And that would pressure the GOP!

The president needs a win, and a win on tax cuts would be the best win possible. No other item in the Trump agenda will get the economy going like tax cuts.

And no other issue is as important to the Republican Party. Having failed on health care, they can't afford a fail on taxes.

Remember last August when Hillary Clinton took two weeks off from her presidential campaign? Bad mistake.

President Trump should do the opposite...sell those tax cuts and end the year with a very big win!